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ICT & Digital Skills 

Digital skills are vital in the modern workplace, and for getting the most out of technology you use at home. We offer a range of accredited and non-accredited computing courses where you can gain valuable skills for both life and work.

Maybe you have some ICT skills already but would like a qualification to further your career, or perhaps you want to make the most out of your own smartphone or tablet.


However, don't worry if you have limited computing or digital skills, we have a course or session to get you started on your journey.


Our courses will help you to:

  • Develop your Digital and ICT skills for both life and work 

  • Develop practical computer skills to support with applying for jobs and gaining employment 

  • Achieve a qualification in computing 

  • Gain confidence in using a digital device or a computer 

  • Learn basic computer skills and develop English language skills

Our Digital/ICT courses are designed to offer progression opportunities and routes that lead you to further/higher education, volunteering and employment.



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From complete beginner to accredited ICT qualifications, we have a course suitable for you, including ESOL learners. Gaining a qualification in computing will assist you in a wide variety of jobs and careers. 

Our weekly ICT Skills Builder Drop-In sessions are suitable for any learner who wishes to use a computer for the first time, improve their general ICT/Digital skills, apply for jobs or work on their CV. You can also bring your own laptop or tablet to the session.

New Essential Digital Skills (EDS) qualifications are coming soon! * 

The Department of Education has introduced a new Essential Digital Skills (EDS) framework and associated national standards to reflect the key skills that we all need in a modern workplace and society:


  • Using devices and handling information – using devices, finding and evaluating information, managing and storing information, identifying and solving technical problems

  • Creating and editing – creating and editing documents and digital media, processing numerical data

  • Communicating – communicating, sharing and managing traceable online activities

  • Transacting – using online services, buying securely online

  • Being safe and responsible online – protecting privacy and data, being responsible online, digital wellbeing.


The course was well presented and very interesting. The tutor was very knowledgeable, eager to help and helped everyone to prepare for the final exam.

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