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About our courses for improved mental health and wellbeing

Our Positive Minds Courses are all specifically developed for adults to help you improve your emotional wellbeing, whilst learning something new, meeting people and having fun! Courses take place in community venues and provide the opportunity to identify and practice ways to cope and feel better.

We offer

  • 1:1 meeting with a learning advisor

  • Qualified tutors with empathy and experience in mental health who will help you learn in a fun and relaxed manner

  • Friendly, welcoming venues

  • Support to build your confidence, learn something new, make friends and have some “time out”


Worried about attending?

Attending a course for the first time can be difficult. Our tutors want to make you feel welcome.

If you are worried about walking through the door for the first time, please tell your learning advisor and we will make sure that someone is there to meet you outside.


Booking on

To make sure the course is right for you we like to meet you first. You can contact us on 01254 507720 and let us know which course you are interested in and we will arrange an appointment for you. Or email us at


Frequently asked questions

What will happen when I ring up?

When you call we will take some information about you and the course you would like to do. We will then arrange an appointment to meet one of our learning advisors. You can discuss with them what courses are appropriate for you, what you hope to gain from any course you undertake and any concerns you might have.

Is there an assessment?

No; however we will ask you to complete a Mood and Wellbeing Questionnaire when we first meet you and at regular intervals throughout the course. This helps us check if the Positive Minds courses are right for you and helps to assess what impact the course has on your mood and wellbeing.

What happens if Positive Minds isn’t right for me?

Your Learning Advisor will help you find another course that is more suitable and discuss any other support that may help you in a confidential manner.

What will happen after the course?

Throughout the course your Learning Advisor will support you to think about your next steps. We also offer regular top up/refresher sessions to all our learners after courses finish.


Want to find out more? Get in touch by:

Telephone 01254 507720    Email:


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