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Your time, your words, your presence.


Your time, your words, your presence.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

From the 18th - 24th May it is Mental Health Awareness Week. The topic this year is Kindness.  If you want to find out more you can download a supporters pack here


During the week our tutors will be adding some ideas for ways to be kind both to ourselves and others both here and on our social media pages.  Being kind is a great way to boost our wellbeing and doesn't need to cost a penny.  

Mental health awareness week
cards for kindness

Cards for Kindness

Would you like to help reduce loneliness in seniors and those in care settings?  Cards for Kindness is a fantastic initiative where you can give hope to others whilst using your creative skills. 


Receiving a card through the post can spark conversation and interaction in residents and research shows this has many health benefits particularly for people living with dementia. You can design your own or use a template from their website.

Want to find out more? click on the link below:

Floral Card

Give thanks

Clap for Carers: UK applauds the NHS and other key workers


Give your time

Lancashire Volunteer Partnership

LancsVP is always a good place to find ways you might be able to volunteer your time and skills to help others.

They are currently looking for community help volunteers and for people to do telephone befriending. Maybe it could be you?

Random acts of kindness

The added benefit of helping others is that it is good for our own mental health and wellbeing. In short, doing good does you good.

But what kinds of things? have a really nice page about this.

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