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Online Class

Want to learn more? Why not come along to one of our Digital Skills Builder or ICT sessions!

Safe Social Media

Watch the video below for our top tips on staying safe when using social media:

Safe Online Shopping

Watch the video about Shopping Online safely, then test yourself in the quiz:


Try the quiz  to test your knowledge. 

Click submit to see your score!

Online Shopping Quiz


The next video is about Digital Skills and you. Have a go at the Trivia Quiz and if you need support with any aspect of Digital Skills then email us:

Keep Learning!

This was just a small sample of what you could learn in our ICT or Digital Skills courses. Check the course brochure for more Digital/ICT courses, or contact us if you need help choosing a course.

For help with any particular issue or questions you can use BwD Adult Learning Digital/ICT Skills Builder and/or see what our partners are offering to help you become digital.

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