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Safe Social Media

Watch the video below for our top tips on staying safe when using social media:

Safe Online Shopping

Watch the video about Shopping Online safely, then test yourself in the quiz:


Try the quiz  to test your knowledge. 

Click submit to see your score!

Online Shopping Quiz


Keep Learning!

This was just a small sample of what you could learn in our ICT or Digital Skills courses. Check the course brochure for more Digital/ICT courses, or contact us if you need help choosing a course.

For help with any particular issue or questions you can use BwD Adult Learning Digital/ICT Skills Builder and/or see what our partners are offering to help you become digital.

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Not sure which session is right for you?

Contact us via email at

or call us on 01254 507720/01254 581175
and speak to our Digital/ICT tutors to help direct you!

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