Pre-entry level ESOL resources   

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11 June 2020: New tasks from British Council & Talk English.



Speaking & Listening


Look at the family picture and practice speaking the family words.


Practise talking about exercise in this lesson from Talk English.

This activity is about asks you about what you do in your daily life. See if you do this with a partner.

This activity will help you to ask and answer questions about how you exercise and keep fit. Use the audio buttons on each slide to listen.   


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Read the text carefully and see if you can find the family words.

In this task you will watch a video and learn new words about shopping and food. You will also get the chance to make your own shopping list. 

This topic will help you learn about text messages.  You will learn to find key information about dates and times too. You will also learn new words about school.


These games will help you read, match, write and spell the keywords. Then, test yourself here.


This activity will help you to read some information about Amana exercises. Once you have finished see if you can answer the quiz questions.

In this task you will watch a video about Amana's daily life and then test yourself in a quiz.



The family words are missing letters. See if you can find the missing letters.


The family words are missing letters. See if you can find the missing letters.

In this task you will learn new words to describe what you do every day. You will also read and write sentences about your daily life.

Learn to read, write and spell new words about daily life. You can then test yourself here.


Games & quizzes


See if you can find all the words in the word search.